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About Us

The story of Swift Tiler

Swift Tiler was established with the primary objective of providing fast and reliable tiling installation services in Singapore. In order to make every tile installation perfect, Swift Tiler is also the first tiling contractor that uses Tiles Enveloped Leveling Fulcrum (TELF) technology in all its tiles installation works.


At Swift Tiler, we strive to achieve the best of our abilities, and in turn, over the years, we have established our company as one of the Top Choices here in Singapore. With our humble gratitude, we have received accolations from various awards & have been recognized as a voice in the ID world with our accreditation & groups that we are fortunate to be a part of

What Our Clients Say

Swift Tiler have been blessed to have received numerous reviews from our clients that are genuine. The praise that goes to each of our ID’s is a testament of how we present ourselves.

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