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At Swift Tiler, we do not compromise on quality. We focus on customer satisfaction and all our staff take pride in our work. We do not take short-cut in our work and our senior staff are professionals with extension background in the flooring field.
Some types of tiling and different materials we do

No project too big or small for us!

Swift Tiler specializes in commercial tiling projects of all sizes. We have experience in many organization both government and private sector. Be it retail shops, restaurant/café, commercial tiling project in offices/building we have done it. We are trained and specialized in commercial tiling projects of all sizes, new apartment, shopping complexes, entertainment venues, tourism industry locations, and more.

Why Choose us!

At Swift Tiler, we are not only tilers who help to lay floor tiles. We can assist in the start to end of your renovation process. We are able to help customer visualize how the project will look like; we have designers which can help customer to customize the layout and design of the area to give a luxurious and clean finish according to the theme which customer wants. Doing all these at competitive prices are why we are the 1st choice for many company in Singapore.

Types Of Value Added Services

Installed To Perfection:

Our staffs follow a strict protocol that our company has tested and proven over the years. We handle all aspect of commercial tiling project with a dedicated project manager and all onsite tilers are experienced and passionate in their job scope. We will work aggressively to ensure that your renovation deadlines are met with competitive pricing. In terms of workmanship of the deliverables, we will ensure that the workmanship is up to quality standard and safely delivered.

We do all Job Big or Small!! Call Us Today to Transform your Home +65 8786 1313 to Understand Why We Are The Number 1 Company For Commercial Tiling Contractor 

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