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At Swift Tiler, we do not compromise on quality. We focus on customer satisfaction and all our staff take pride in our work. We do not take short-cut in our work and our senior staff are professionals with extension background in the flooring field.
Our company offers tile installation and tile repair for the following area.
Some types of tiling and different materials we do

Tiles Pop Up Repair

Experienced tiles popping up issues? We had helped with some of our competitors’ customers in resolving their tiles pop up jobs. Tiles pop up is usually caused by improper installation and high moisture. With proper tiles installation, there will be zero tiles pop up issues. Call us for any tiles repair job and we’ll resolve your problems swiftly!

Our Tiling service is one of the very best in Singapore. Our Staff take pride in our work and will provide the best service we can to our owner.


1. Assessment of the job site
We will understand from the owner which are the focal point of the house and we will discuss with the owner on the arrangement of the floor tiles. This is to bring out the elegance and beauty of the home.

2. Project Planning of job scope
Our senior staff will take an assessment of the tiling area; he will then plan the tiling process so that the joints and alignment will be appropriate to the room

3. Demolition & Base Preparation
Removal & disposal of the current flooring and fittings while ensuring that the flooring is well-prepared and aligned for the re-tiling of the new tiles

5. Wet area
We will treat the wet area with necessary waterproofing according to BCA standards

6. Tiling
All tiling works are done by our experienced tiler who has gone through our rigorous training to ensure a smooth and quality finishing for our owner.

7. Customer Inspection
We will have a handover inspection with our customer to ensure that everything is well-done up and we will also provide a workmanship guarantee period to customers for all tiling job done by us. During the inspection we will also tell our customer on the various protection method to ensure that the flooring can be maintenance nicely.

We do all Job Big or Small!! Call Us Today to Transform your Home +65 8786 1313

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